Another day, another retro futuristic book cover from the 60s. This illustration was created by Ed Valigursky, a very prolific science fiction illustrator who painted over 100 covers for Ace Books from the mid-1950s to the early 1970s. He also was a cover artist for Amazing stories and Fantastic.     The Secret Martians cover is […]

Shigeru Komatsuzaki sci-fi illustration
Portrait of a woman - work in progress
vintage movie poster illustration

Planet of Dinosaurs is a very forgettable 70s movie about the crew of a spaceship that crashes on a planet full of dinosaurs. They get attacked by the savage beasts, and sometimes win, sometimes lose. You can read a good review of the movie at Parlor of Horror, or watch it on youtube. The acting […]

Find another world for the deep-freeze people I was browsing Pinterest as I usually do, looking at pretty illustrations and cool illustration when the book cover for Philip K. Dick’s The Crack In Space caught my attention (via Cadwalader Ringgold).     As usual, I have no idea what the book is about, but the […]

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Wait, why? why the black leather gloves? What are you planning to do? I just want a Coke! Is that the oh-so-welcome refreshment of ice-cold “Coca Cola” you were talking about? Continue reading