The photo was taken by Kevin Davis. It’s a clay model of Princess Merida, from the movie Brave, taken at Disney’s Art of Animation Studio.

It’s a cute little sculpture, in a similar pose as how she appears in the official movie poster. It also reminds me of the¬†Merida figurine for Disney Infinity (you can buy the Disney Infinity Figure on amazon), although I like the style of the clay model a lot more. And the hair in the cgi version is way way cooler.

I can’t believe that Brave was released four years ago! (in 2012) I really enjoyed it, but strangely, I think I’ve only seen it twice. Maybe it’s time to watch that movie one more time. Oh, remember when Pixar used to make¬†good movies? (I haven’t seen The Good Dinosaur, but haven’t heard good things about it).