Baccarat Dealer insurance table

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After we have placed bets on the banker side Buying insurance will start when the dealer draws the 3rd card. Here we can buy insurance in case the dealer loses. Because if the dealer’s side loses, it will help us lose less bets. The money used to buy insurance has nothing to do with the UFABET game. This means that we will have to spend another sum of money to buy this insurance separately.

For Baccarat’s insurance payment form, it will look like this. Is when we place bets on the banker side and have already purchased insurance Coincidentally, the dealer actually loses, the bet we put on the table is all lost. But don’t panic. If we have already bought insurance The insurance will pay the compensation. Which will have different payout rates according to the card scores of both the dealer and the players according to this table

Baccarat Dealer insurance table

From the table, I will give an example to see the picture more clearly. Let’s say we bet on the banker’s side 100 baht. The game continues where now the player’s side has two cards in their hand totaling 3 points and the banker’s side having two cards of 4 points. Now the banker’s side has to draw a third card, we think. that this round, the player’s side is more likely to win So we decided to buy insurance for 60 baht (no more than the bet placed) and finally the result came out as expected. is the dealer loses Insurance must pay us according to this formula.

(insurance purchase cost x insurance payment rate) + sum insured = money to be received

(60 x 1.5) + 60 = 150 baht

When subtracting this The money we lost the first time was Bets on the dealer’s side 100 baht, another 60 baht to buy insurance, a total of 160 baht, but we receive insurance from the dealer losing back 150 baht, meaning that we have a loss of 10 baht, even though it is a loss, but think about it What happens if we don’t buy baccarat insurance, it means that we will lose the full bet of 100 baht, see that it saves our money for 90 baht? Now let’s go see if we buy insurance on the player side, how will it be different?