Brendan Rodgers understands Hendo thought well and chose to move to play in the Saudi league.

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Celtic manager Brendan Rodgers has defended former Liverpool man Jordan Henderson for making the best of his decision to move to Al-Ettifaq after being heavily criticized by human rights groups.

Brendan Rodgers, manager of Celtic in the Scottish League, believes Jordan Henderson, a former team member from his time with Liverpool , a Premier League club, did the best for himself in moving to. Plays in the Saudi league with Al-Ettifaq, despite opposition because he has always supported homosexuality in the country. But in the land of oil rich people This is illegal in his country.

Brendan Rodgers understands Hendo thought well and chose to move to play in the Saudi league.

50-year-old trainer, who is reported to have It has refused contact from clubs in Saudi Arabia last month. before moving back to take the reins green and white zebra for the second time Have you ever worked with Veteran midfielder For three years between the 2012-2015 seasons, during which time he served as Anfield boss. Came out to express his opinion during an interview with Talk Sport, a British media outlet.

That is their profession. It’s their life. So they have to do what’s best for them,” the Northern Ireland head coach said. “There are a lot of moral officials around the world these days who judge people, but Jordan I know very well. And I know the love he has And will always be for Liverpool. He is in the prime of his career. He may not be the first name on the team sheet anymore. At 33 years old, he has won it all. He might imagine a different challenge. and with respect It may feel that it is not suitable for him to go to another club in the Premier League. So going abroad and taking on new challenges clearly suits him.” 

Henderson insists money was not a factor in his move to the Arab region, but Rodgers believes it is a key strategy of the Saudi Pro League to use money to lure top players. Let it flow Such as the arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo at Al-Nasser in December. Causing the transfer of famous stars from Europe, including Neymar and Karim Benzema, not only that They also brought in a famous manager. To make the league famous

“Of course, it is something that makes the players shake because of the money being talked about. It’s something that can be done for the players. and the legacy that can be created for their families over the years. What makes (Saudi Arabia) dangerous is not just the money. But they have a plan. The plan is to attract top players and are looking for top managers to be there as well,” the former Leicester City boss added.