Martinelli reveals first meeting with Auba + opens up after Manchester United rejection

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Arsenal’s Brazilian winger Gabriel Martinelli has revealed the moment he met Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang for the first time and revealed his feelings. After being rejected by Manchester United. sign a contract

Gabriel Martinelli reveals how former club captain Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang welcomed him to Arsenal and will ‘be with him forever. Page was stripped of the captaincy and eventually. Left the UFABET club by mutual consent after the Gunners paid him to leave. Aubameyang then spent six months at Barcelona before returning. England this summer joining Chelsea, while Martinelli moved to London in 2019. A year after Aubameyang arrived, and spoke about when the Gabon international welcomed him to England. Emirates Stadium home

Martinelli reveals first meeting with Auba + opens up after Manchester United rejection

          “I remember going to lunch. And like… I was scared because I couldn’t speak English,” Martinelli told The Players’ Tribune . I already talk to me What should I say?'” “I’m embarrassed because if that person talks, you want to talk back but you can’t. I sat down to eat Then Obama came in and I thought, ‘So what next?'” “Then he sat down next to me. me and started talking to me in Spanish. I thought at that time that He’s a really nice guy…I’m very nervous . Maybe he doesn’t even remember, but for me, arriving at the club. Obama talks to you sit at the table with you It’s something that will stay with me forever.” 

          Aubameyang has struggled with form at Chelsea since returning to London. Having scored just three goals in 12 games in all competitions , Martinelli has impressed for Arsenal this season, with the Brazil international netting five goals and providing two assists in 14 Premier League appearances. League The Gunners are top of the league and are five points clear when the 2022-23 season is suspended for the World Cup in Qatar. which will start on Sunday, November 20, 2022

         Back when Martinelli was 18 years old, many clubs in Europe were able to sign him, especially Manchester United, who gave him four trials. was notified by Manchester United United will not sign him. The following year, he joined Arsenal from Brazilian club Ituano. The 21-year-old now believes living in England early in his career gave him an advantage when he joined Arsenal. Because he already knows the playing style and culture of this country well. He also met with Manchester United stars Paul Pogba and Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

 “There was a project with Manchester United, I went there for trials. It was unsuccessful. But I went there four or five times,” he told the Players’ Tribune . “Manchester United had scouts in Brazil. Then they saw me play ′′ They made an appointment with my father. And it ended well ′ ′ At that time, I met Pogba again, I saw Ibra. Was there when I was a little older I think it was probably the third or fourth trial. “That was a project for when I was 18. If they really wanted to, I would move. But when I was 17, that was the last time. i go to manchester I went back to Brazil and they said they didn’t want me, so I went home and trained.

          “I think it’s very important to me. Even if I get the answer ‘no’, it’s very important to know how football works [in England], how things are . I think I’m a little more familiar with it. I know things how is it here And I know a little bit about the culture too. “Since I was 13 I’ve had this project with Manchester United, so in my head I was like, ‘Hey, whatever. I’m going to Manchester when I’m 18’ and when you’re that age In the year I turn 17 people say, ‘Hey, we don’t need this anymore,’ so I’m like, ‘Hey, what am I going to do now?