Player insurance table

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For insurance, players will have the same way to buy insurance as the dealer’s side. That is, it will start to be bought when the player side draws the 3rd card. Buying baccarat insurance will help us lose less money when the dealer wins. And the pay rate will be according to this UFABET table.

Player Insurance Payout Table

From the table, assuming we bet on the player’s side of 100 baht, now the player’s side has 3 cards, 8 points, while the dealer’s side has 2 cards, 6 points. We think that the game should turn for the banker to win. Therefore decided to buy insurance for another 100 baht and in the end the dealer actually won as well. The insurance had to pay us 8 times according to the payout schedule. Turns out to lose only 100 bets, but get 800 insurance money, meaning that this round we get a profit of up to 700.

Player insurance table

In summary, you should buy Is baccarat insurance good?

Personally, I think it’s very good. First of all, we have to understand first than the insurer. This is not a money formula. or formulas to play anything But it is a way to reduce the risk for us. It’s like betting on both sides at the same time, only the chance to bet will happen only when the 3rd card is drawn and it must be the draw stroke of the side that we have bet on as well. That is, if we bet on the dealer’s side to win But it turns out that the player side has the opportunity to draw a 3rd card, and the dealer has no right to draw. Like this, we can’t buy insurance as well. When the opportunity to spin money from online casino It doesn’t come easily.

As for the matter of where to buy, it’s worth it. This one must mainly look at the available capital. Because we can’t choose to buy insurance freely. Like general insurance in real life with many insurance plans , baccarat it will be mandatory that If the dealer gets this point The player gets this point. How many times will the insurance pay out of the sum insured? Therefore, it also depends on the luck that there will be a chance to buy at any point. But no matter how much the return If we buy with the same capital as the bet placed, we will still get a profit anyway.