Rice promises Hammers coach will celebrate goal with this move if he scores in World Cup

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West Ham United’s England midfielder Declan Rice has promised the Hammers coach he will celebrate his goal with a famous celebration if he scores in the World Cup.

     Declan Rice, England midfielder and captainof Premier League side West Ham United , has promised to celebrate the goal. Kevin Nolan ‘s famous “winged chicken” if he were to score a goal at the World Cup. The Hammers midfielder admitted it was a lifelong desire to play in the tournament. and confirms that the Roaring Lions can reach all the way in Qatar

Rice promises Hammers coach will celebrate goal with this move if he scores in World Cup

         Rice said: “It’s hard to find the words. I can’t explain. Less than 250 people have represented England at the World Cup. and i am one of them To finally be here is very special. It’s hard to explain the true meaning. I think when you play a UFABET game and you’re on the pitch. That was when I thought I would be able to speak about it. It feels a little blurry this minute.”

          “I made a promise to Kevin Nolan (former footballer and now West Ham coach) that my next goal I’m going to run out and do the cockfighting pose. I think I’ll end up doing 10 happy poses at once. To be honest if you sit down and talk to all the players. I think they will say the same thing. You never know how far you can go in football. If you believe and push yourself everything is possible And now we are on the biggest stage.”

 Rice said he had two big aspirations and was always grateful to his father and former West Ham team-mate Mark Noble for playing a key role in getting him to the World Cup. He added: “ In terms of the off field. I would have to say it was my father. Because I can play football from when I have the ball at my feet. But you never put pressure on me. We always have a strong connection. And my father always wanted to make me better.”

          “It was an incredible journey with him. As for if it’s someone in the field I would also like to mention Mark Noble when I made my first team debut as a 16-year-old. He made me feel very comfortable. and as team captain I don’t think I’ve had a better captain or a better man. He used to push me and make me better. It’s the highest level.” As for England, they are in Group B. They begin their group stage match on Monday 21 November 2022 against Iran at the Caliph International Stadium in Doha.