Silva is fed up with asking only about Ronaldo indicating that it has no effect on the Golden Tulip

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Manchester City midfielder Bernardo Silva has rejected Cristiano Ronaldo’s attack on Manchester United in an interview. And it has nothing to do with preparing the Portuguese national team for this World Cup.

Manchester City midfielder Bernardo Silva insists the Cristiano Ronaldo bombing interview at Manchester United had nothing to do with the Portugal national team because everyone was playing. Stay focused on the UFABET World Cup tournament. As for tensions that many believe are building between The veteran striker and Bruno Fernandes is not true. everything is still normal 

Silva is fed up with asking only about Ronaldo indicating that it has no effect on the Golden Tulip

The 37-year-old star is set to be terminated by the Red Devils. After coming out to attack the agency and Eric Ten Hag, the Dutch boss. Including other teammates Resulting in reporters having to shoot this question at the Blue Sailboat midfielder, who appears to be unsatisfied with the question that revolves around the Red Devils star, not about the World Cup where he is leading his homeland army to compete.

“The news that comes from England is not about the national team, so I won’t say anything. It’s not about me, it’s about Cristiano, the 28-year-old said. I am not a Manchester United player and even if I am, I will not answer, I have nothing to do with that. We are in the national team Concentrate on our game, not Cristiano, not his club. It’s the situation with his club. I saw him motivated. and focused on the national team like everyone else.”

Reporters continued to ask about the relationship of The veteran spearhead with Bruno whether there was a feud or not , Bernardo said there were no strange events between Cristiano and Bruno, this is Cristiano’s story. it’s personal and didn’t see it as a big deal Unfortunately we have to talk about this. Because we have a World Cup to play. You mentioned that at the Portugal World Cup press conference. I don’t understand your question on this matter. because there really is nothing

For the Foi Thong army, prepare for the first match against Ghana in the World Cup. Thursday 24 November, followed by Uruguay on Monday 28 November and the final match of the group stage against South Korea on Friday 2 December. They have good news when Ronaldo returns to training. After suffering from diarrhea last week, he missed the 4-0 friendly win over Nigeria.