Is it true or not? Female friends tend to have their “menstruation” around the same time.

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Seems to be a topic that many women wonder. (Including some men) about the menstrual cycle among friends who live together. Friends of the same group who usually come at the same time without an appointment. It makes many people wonder if we have menstruation at the same time as friends. Coincidence or can be explained by science

Is it true or not? Female friends tend to have their "menstruation" around the same time.

Working principle of menstruation

“Period” is the lining of the uterine cavity that sheds every woman’s menstrual cycle. Women in their reproductive years typically have their menstrual cycles every 21-35 days, and each cycle lasts about 2-7 days.

Irregular menstruation Never matched for a month Is it unusual or not?

On average for the average person is 28 days from the first day of the month of menstruation. Until the first day of the next month’s cycle. Therefore, there is a possibility that our menstrual cycle will not come on the exact date every month. It can be expected to move faster or slower 1-3 days per month, depending on the number of days in each month (some months have 30 days, 31 days, or 28 days, etc.)

However, if the menstrual cycle changes too much Including various abnormalities such as menstruation 2 times a month Menstruation comes every other month or in a year menstruation a few times. And the amount of menstruation that may be abnormally low or excessive (less than 1-2 days, more than 7 days, or using more than 4 damp sanitary pads per day) could be an abnormality with the uterus, ovaries, or female hormones. should consult a doctor

Monthly comes with friends in the group. How did it happen?

There is a theory of “pheromone” hormones that women release. During their periods. when a menstruating woman is close to another woman may encourage menstruation at a later time However, there is still no clear evidence that this theory can actually happen. In addition, pheromones are secreted under the armpits. And crooks in the body if using deodorant products or shower and clean the area Pheromones released at that point. It didn’t affect the people nearby that much clearly.

The higher probability is from the gradual menstrual cycle. changes a month, two days a month At a certain time, it may be found that friends around them have the same menstrual cycle. Or about the same with us. In a period of 1 year, we may find that menstruation occurs around the same time with one friend about 2-3 times, while if you have many friends in your group. The likelihood of menstruation is similar to that of peers in the rest of the ทางเข้า ufabet group. followed by more

So, in conclusion, it is possible that we menstruate at the same time. Or on the same line with friends in the group or people around, but probably just a slightly inaccurate menstrual cycle that comes together in a certain period of time closer to each other In some people, their periods come on time. with another person whose menstrual period may be somewhat inaccurate due to other factors such as taking birth control pills, being under stress There are certain medical conditions that affect the functioning of the female hormones, the uterus or the ovaries, and side effects such as anorexia and bulimia can also affect menstruation.