Smelly armpits, what should I do? Share a simple way to get rid of the smell. that men must try

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Smelly armpits are another problem that follows you, men, everywhere and every time. and the problem of smelly armpits It is classified as a problem that disturbs both the man himself and those around him. Therefore, smelly armpits are not a joke that men can overlook. In this article, we would like to take men to get to know and understand easy ways to deodorize that you must try.

Smelly armpits, what should I do? Share a simple way to get rid of the smell. that men must try

Smelly armpits, what are the causes?

As for the causes of smelly armpits, they are as follows ยูฟ่าเบท

  1. Testosterone, especially when there are hormonal changes during adolescence.
  2. Hot weather causes more sweat to come out of your armpits than usual. Then mixed with bacteria in the armpit area Can cause armpits to smell.
  3. Daily activities Especially activities that require physical exertion causing sweat or outdoor activities that also cause sweat.
  4. Eating certain foods that cause smelly armpits Especially vegetables that have a strong smell, such as garlic, scallions, cilantro, celery, etc.

How to cure smelly armpits Deodorize smelly armpits easily that you must try

Anyone who has smelly armpits shouldn’t miss this. Here are some easy ways to get rid of smelly armpits that you must try:

  1. Choosing perfume to deodorize stinky armpits which helps suppress the smell without stopping at all
  2. Choosing to use roll-ons or products to suppress sweat and body odor. That can help reduce sweat, which is one of the causes of body odor.
  3. Choosing to use cleansing products that contain substances that help inhibit or reduce the accumulation of bacteria.
  4. Bathe regularly 2 times a day, morning and before bed.
  5. Regularly trim off some armpit hair. But there’s no need to shave. This is because having too much armpit hair causes sweat to accumulate in the armpit area, causing odor. But there’s no need to shave because your armpit hair helps absorb moisture from sweat.
  6. Don’t wear the same clothes again. To reduce the accumulation of bacteria on clothes that can reach the body.
  7. Maintaining cleanliness of personal equipment regularly to reduce the accumulation of bacteria or musty odors that can cause smelly armpits. Whether it be towels, bedding or men’s underwear.
  8. Choose clothes that are not too tight. And choose to wear clothes with fabric that can breathe well. This part will be the drainage of sweat. Thus reducing sweat that can cause smelly armpits.

Smelly armpits , another problem from a small spot that is not a small problem for men. However, from the article above, we take men to find the cause. Including easy ways to get rid of smelly armpits that we have gathered together to help all men. So that the problem of smelly armpits does not become a problem that bothers men anymore.