Portrait of a woman - work in progress

I love it when artists show their process to create their wonderful works of art and you can see the pencil lines, the rough draft, the thoughts behind the art.

This is a work in progress of a portrait by the talented Tejfel Krisztian, a painter from Hungary, who apparently loves to create portraits of beautiful women. You can see the final piece on his Instagram, which is a really impressive work of art. Even though I really find the incomplete painting as interesting as the finished one. And I really like the colors he chose; the skin tones and lighting of the face is pretty simple and so nice.

You can check out the gallery of paintings of the artist at his site. You can also follow him on either tumblr, instagram or twitter. I have to say, another one of my favorite paintings by Tejfel Krisztian is Hagenbeck. The contrast of the beauty of the woman and her black nose, and the mistery of her tears is quite captivating.

Gotta go, I have this sudden desire to go draw and paint something.

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