Find another world for the deep-freeze people

I was browsing Pinterest as I usually do, looking at pretty illustrations and cool illustration when the book cover for Philip K. Dick’s The Crack In Space caught my attention (via Cadwalader Ringgold).


Philip K. Dick's The Crack In Space. Vintage book cover illustration.

Philip K. Dick’s The Crack In Space. Vintage book cover illustration.


As usual, I have no idea what the book is about, but the illustration is pretty cool. This one was published in 1966, and was created by Jerome Podwill for Ace Books. He was born in 1938, so he most likely painted this specific illustration when he was 28 years old. Podwill did a lot of illustrations for science fiction paperback novels during the 60s, and less frequently in the 1970s.

Podwill didn’t remain in the science fiction illustration area, as he also did several covers for pulp crime novels, like Nightmare. You can find more of his art at his website.

Back to the science fiction realm, I’ll finish this post with a few other interesting vintage book covers for some novels by Philip K. Dick. The one for The Man In The High Castle was painted by Richard M. Powers (born in 1921), who was very prolific as a science fiction illustrator with a very surreal style.