February 2, 2016

The Emperor

Star Wars art for Planet Pulp by the talented Jeff Agala.

I thought it was something related to The Walking Dead, but I’m glad it’s for Star Wars. I like Star Wars a lot more, and even though I’m a fan of The Walking Dead comics, I think the TV show has been worse and worse every season, so I’m already bored of it (although I continue watching it). Anyway, I don’t know why I’m talking about The Walking Dead, if this is all about the evil zombie-looking Emperor and his rotten teeth.

However, talking about zombies and Star Wars, it reminded me of a book I once wanted to read: Death Troopers.┬áIt would be a really really good movie if done right. Star Wars going for the horror genre rather than staying in the fantasy science-fiction realm. And the book is pretty decent, according to reviews. This might be one of those cases where the audiobook might be even better, so it’s yet another thing to add to my neverending list.

I also remember there was a zombie stormtrooper mini statue by Gentle Giant, which looked pretty cool, in a creepy sort of way. That would be awesome to have on my desk, even though it’s hard to get nowadays, as it’s completely sold out (and this is not the year to be spending more money in toys).

Schreiber creates a good mashup of the horror genre into the Star Wars mythos

You can read a proper review of Death Troopers at Grasping For The Wind (warning: it might contain some spoilery info).