February 8, 2016

Cover art by Jeffrey Jones

Another day, another post featuring vintage illustration. Today we have the cover art for the paperback novel The Zero Stone, painted by the amazing Jeffrey Jones. I saw this image at the Ragged Claws Network, scanned from a paperback with a few creases and wear marks, so I tried to restore the image in photoshop. I hope it looks slightly better now, as it’s really a cool cover.

The cover artwork was what caught my attention, but after searching info about the book, it looks like it isn’t bad at all. It’s about Murdoc Jern, gem trader, and his feline mutant companion called Eet, who land in a forgotten planet trying to escape from a web of intrigue and murder. Or something like that. You can read about the book at goodreads.

This is yet another book that I’ll add to my list. And I might actually get to read it, as this one is available on Kindle. It’s 168 pages of pure science fiction from the late sixties.

Buy The Zero Stone on amazon.
Also: Buy Uncharted Stars on amazon. It’s the sequel to The Zero Stone.