Sanchez vows to lead host Qatar into World Cup

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Qatar national team head coach Felix Sanchez took on a big challenge and the team has been preparing for a long time to do their best as a host. Starting with the World Cup opener against Ecuador this weekend.

Qatar national team coach Felix Sanchez admits it will be a big challenge for him to lead the host nation to the 2022 World Cup, but will bring quality and play with enthusiasm to do so. Good performance from the first match against Ecuador , the opening match on Sunday 20 November.

Sanchez vows to lead host Qatar into World Cup

The World Cup kicks off this weekend at Al Bayt Stadium, the Pearl of Persia. who never came to play in the final round Came this time as a nation that hosted the competition, so it was seen that there would be a chance to host the second team after South Africa that missed the knockout round. Because the potential is inferior to the other three rival teams in Group A UFABET all

For this reason, players from Arab lands Therefore, we must try to prepare as much as possible. He spent several months outside of Qatar in a solo training camp. to lead the team through to the knockout round which the first job to meet South American team If they perform well to the point of collecting three points Opportunities will be more open.

“Our situation is different. (Compared to other teams because they qualify as hosts) and we have to work with what we have ′′ Felix Sanchez Spanish trainer “As in the Group A lineup, they (three opponents) have a chance to take three points from, but of course we are here to show people that we can be the team that goes into this tournament. competitive We will bring great games to the competition. play our football And try to create happiness. We know it will be a big challenge for us. But we are eager to play the game and are very happy to be here.”

Hassan Al-Haidos, captain of the Qatar national team added that This was a childhood dream. We tried to qualify and we were unsuccessful in the past. But even if we play in the qualifiers, I believe we can qualify for this round. And in the opening match against Ecuador , they will need a good result to show that they are a real starter.